Welcome to TherMOOstat

March 08, 2017
TherMOOstat is a tool for you to let us know if your room feels cold, chilly, perfect, warm or hot. By using TherMOOstat you're participating in crowdsourced comfort on campus.

Word of the Month: Clo

January 14, 2019
Clo is a unit of measurement used to describe the amount of thermal insulation provided by a clothing garment or outfit.

Giedt 1001 Fan: Next Steps after Year 1

October 29, 2018

Now that we have one full academic year of fan operation under our belt, ECO is planning the sustaining operation for the fan (see our previous blog posts about the Giedt Fans here and here). We are also evaluating additional classrooms to install fans in to improve campus comfort and put your TherMOOstat votes to work.

Giedt Fan Update – Pilot Project

October 29, 2018
Giedt Hall 1001 Fans installed!

In the summer of 2017, the Energy Conservation Office (ECO) installed two smart ceiling fans in Giedt 1001. (Read more about the initial proposal here.)  You’ll notice that these fans look a little different than your typical ceiling fan. Their unique design is a characteristic of HVLS fans, or high volume, low-speed fans.

What Happens With Your Feedback?

September 26, 2018
This infographic walks you through what happens when you send in your TherMOOstat feedback.

What is Energy Efficiency?

August 20, 2018
It's easiest to explain energy efficiency by comparing it to energy conservation. We've made an infographic to compare and contrast the two, and to show you how we're tackling both at UC Davis.

Web App

July 11, 2018
We have built our Campus Energy Education Dashboard and comfort feedback tools as web apps for you to learn about and contribute to energy saving efforts on campus. Read more to learn about why we chose web apps as our platform.

Save TherMOOstat to Your Home Screen!

July 09, 2018
Check out our step-by-step guide on how to save TherMOOstat to your home screen to report comfort any time, anywhere on campus.

Crowdsourcing Comfort Feedback

June 07, 2018
Do you ever wonder what happens to your TherMOOstat feedback? This article explains what we do with your feedback and what you could do as a TherMOOstat user to improve your comfort.


May 08, 2018
What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, which describe the functions of an HVAC system. HVAC systems can be found in just about every building in the world, from your house or apartment to the classrooms and labs on campus. In this blog post we will dive into how these systems work in general, and what they do on campus. 


2018 Cesar Chavez Holiday Shutdown

May 08, 2018
This holiday we have the majority of our savings in electricity. We save $11,750 in electricity alone, which is about how much UC Davis spends to power the Activities and Recreation Center for a little over a month! 

Keewi: Mobile App Launch

March 08, 2018
Find out what Keewi is all about and what the mobile app does!