Solar Farm

August 21, 2017
This month Joules shows how the solar eclipse showcases our important solar energy is at UC Davis. 

156 Students and Staff Trim Energy Waste

August 15, 2017
156 participants helped us Trim the Waste on campus! In this article we address many of the fantastic responses we recieved.

The Classroom Comfort Plan

July 19, 2017

Joules the Cow is embarking on a mission to investigate comfort in the classrooms across campus. Her mission was sparked by a dive into the feedback she receives from TherMOOstatthe tool crowdsourcing comfort feedback on campus.


July 07, 2017
Adjusting setpoints, even by a few degrees, can cause major energy-saving differences in a building. 

$13,555 Saved Over Cesar Chavez Weekend!

June 29, 2017
With 50 buildings participating in Holiday shutdowns, the energy savings totaled 2,893,526 kBtu, which equates to $13,555.


June 01, 2017
Joules' Word of the Month for June is "Economizer". Never heard of one? There may be one on your rooftop!

4-Year Energy Upgrade in Ghausi

May 24, 2017
Ghausi Hall got a major tune-up! The Energy & Controls Team finished a 4-year energy upgrade in the lab building, resulting in major savings.

Get to Know Your Campus Thermostats

April 28, 2017
One of the most common obstacles in the quest for thermal comfort is the thermostat itself. Whether they’re difficult to find, read, understand, or adjust - we’ve found they’re often the culprit causing discomfort.

Crowdsourcing to Keep Classrooms Comfortable

March 13, 2017
Crowdsourcing comfort is particularly important in classrooms and lecture halls which seat anywhere from 15 up to hundreds of students.

Meet the Team Behind TherMOOstat

March 13, 2017
Meet Jessica Galvan and John Coon, the team reading and investigating all of your TherMOOStat submissions.

TherMOOstat FAQs

March 13, 2017
This is where we keep track of frequently asked questions for our TherMOOstat users!

What Your Comments are Telling Us

March 08, 2017
When we see these keywords regularly in a short time period, we have a list of possible causes to investigate.