Sheida Examines Academic Surge

October 26, 2016
An aeronautical PhD student uses the energy dashboard to gain a new perspective on her building.

Bold New Fans in Giedt 1001

October 10, 2016
Our proposal to install a large fan in room 1001 of Giedt Hall, with the aim of improving comfort and increasing the energy efficiency of the room's HVAC use.


September 28, 2016
Energy comes in different forms. At UC Davis, we use electricity, steam, and chilled water to power, heat, and cool our buildings. Each usage is measured differently, so we convert it all to kBtu to compare total energy use.

Energy Use Intensity

September 21, 2016
Learn how to compare buildings in 5 minutes using EUI!

What's Really Going on in Your Classroom

October 28, 2015
Find out what goes on behind the scenes before you sit down and long after you’ve left.