Utilities Operations

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Utilities Services provides consistent and reliable large-scale utility infrastructure and operations supporting teaching, learning and research. Our expertise includes:

  • Campus power management, including exterior lighting, electrical supply, and emergency backup generators.
  • Transforming waste into resources through the proper collection and disposal of refuse, wastewater, an interconnected sewer and drainage system, and converting organic waste into electricity to supply the campus grid
  • Managing of our Central Heating and Cooling Plant
  • Managing our city-scale water system (industrial, firefighting and irrigation)
  • Maintaining our campus-wide natural gas network
  • Provide centralized support for utility billing
  • Energy & Water reporting and metrics

Current Utilities Rates

Service Hourly Rate
Inspector, Planner, Estimator (IPE) $124
High-Voltage Electrician $185
Water & Wastewater Operator $146