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Energy Supply

March 02, 2018
Energy Supply

Energy is something we all take for granted.  Hot and cold water at our fingertips, heat and air conditioning when its too cold and too hot, and when it gets dark outside, just flip on the light. But where does it come from? Energy supply for your house differs greatly from supplying 5,300 acres and the 1,200 buildings that make up the UC Davis campus.  With such a large campus our energy costs and usage is complicated but our energy supply is more straightforward, coming from a combination of gas and electricity. 


The Future of the Central Plant

February 22, 2018
UC Davis is taking strides towards a more energy efficient future. Read on to find out how the Central Heating and Cooling Plant is taking steps toward meeting the Carbon Neutrality Initiative.

Energy Use at UC Davis

March 14, 2017
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