Introducing Keewi

October 30, 2017
Ever wonder if there is more you can do to help save plug load energy? Keewi, a energy management tool is here to save the day (and energy waste too!).

Vampire Load

October 04, 2017
Like the stealthy monster, vampire devices slowly drain energy from plugged-in devices in your home without you noticing.

Degree Days

September 25, 2017
This month, Joules is showcasing what energy-saving professionals use to understand how the outside air temperature affect building energy consumption.

Fall Quarter T-Shirt Raffle in Giedt 1001

September 25, 2017
The rumors are true: During the Fall 2017 academic quarter, students taking a class in Geidt Hall, room 1001 can win an amazing custom designed shirt.

Solar Farm

August 21, 2017
This month Joules shows how the solar eclipse showcases our important solar energy is at UC Davis. 

The Classroom Comfort Plan

July 19, 2017

Joules the Cow is embarking on a mission to investigate comfort in the classrooms across campus. Her mission was sparked by a dive into the feedback she receives from TherMOOstatthe tool crowdsourcing comfort feedback on campus.


July 07, 2017
Adjusting setpoints, even by a few degrees, can cause major energy-saving differences in a building. 


June 01, 2017
Joules' Word of the Month for June is "Economizer". Never heard of one? There may be one on your rooftop!