Energy and Controls Engineering

Improving the efficiency, occupant comfort, and financial well-being of campus buildings

ACE at a table

The Energy Projects & Commissioning team is tasked with developing energy projects and initiatives that will keep UC Davis on track to meet its energy and carbon goals, and improve the performance of facilities campus-wide. 

Dating back to 2009, through the Statewide Energy Partnership (SEP) program, the Davis campus has already netted $8M on its initial energy investments ($60M investment, plus $10M in utility rebates).

This team investment and the initial savings it has secured can be protected through a relatively low-cost ongoing commissioning program, the Active Commissioning Enterprise (ACE).  

The Active Commissioning Enterprise (ACE) is a self-funding effort to leverage significant investment in campus building control systems over the past ten years and optimize building HVAC systems to eliminate energy waste.

The goal of Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) efforts like ACE is to make building systems perform efficiently while still meeting the current facility requirements and to provide the tools to support the continuous improvement of system performance over time


Read our Ghausi Report! 

This report details the scope of the ACE pilot project in Ghausi Hall and its results.

The energy savings realized come as a secondary benefit to making the system operate efficiently as per design.  The priorities of doing in-depth equipment commissioning remain: safety, occupant comfort, and better system performance. Read the Full report here: Ghausi_report.pdf