Nicolas Fauchier-Magnan

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Position Title
Energy Engineer Supervisor

Energy & Engineering


Favorite part about ECO:

“This is a very good team that will never say something is impossible. We have a lot of creative people with great skills that are very complimentary of one another”



Nico completed his bachelor's in France at Ecole Centrale De Paris, a research institute for engineering.  He then moved to the United States to complete his Master's in Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

Nico’s interest in energy engineering began during his graduate program at Stanford.  He took a class on general energy systems, with a focus on energy inefficiencies in buildings.  Rather than putting time, money and effort into renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaics,  people could find and fix current building problems that are wasting energy and tackle those inefficiencies first.  This led him to an internship at PG&E, where he worked on energy efficiencies projects.  He spent the next ten years working in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Switzerland until his wife was hired as a professor at UC Davis, teaching Environmental Engineering. 


What does an Energy Engineer Supervisor do?

Nico manages a team of 5 people who develop and implement various energy projects on campus and generate energy savings. Their funding is entirely based on the energy savings they generate, so the success of each project impacts what they can do for the next.

One project his team is working on is to improve the HVAC schedules in all the non-lab areas on campus.  In general, the schedules are much longer than they need to be in order to keep classrooms comfortable in the event a room is needed after hours.  However, they can be made more efficient and if his team can understand the actual occupancy and adjust the schedule to match. This project involves coordinating with faculty and staff, understanding the layout of the buildings, and communicating with building managers to ensure a smooth process for everyone in the building. 


Nico's Top Strengths

  1. Positivity
  2. Developer
  3. Arranger
  4. Woo
  5. Responsibility

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