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Is Your Room Too Hot or Cold?

This can be a common problem for many people on campus and may be a sign of your building wasting energy from an overheated or overcooled space. Addressing issues of comfort and energy inefficiency go hand in hand, which is why we made TherMOOstat.


TherMOOstat is a tool for you to let us know if your room feels cold, chilly, perfect, warm or hot. By using TherMOOstat you're participating in crowdsourced comfort on campus.


all cows


TherMOOstat features Joules the cow from the Energy Conservation Office: she's your advocate for thermal comfort at UC Davis.


With the data from TherMOOstat, we’re trying to pinpoint rooms and buildings on campus that are chronically hot or cold and therefore have the potential for energy savings while improving occupant comfort.

Why Your Feedback Matters

It’s true that most of the rooms on campus have a thermostat, and with this thermostat, we may know the temperature of these rooms. However, our team believes the people occupying these rooms can be better thermostats! The people in the buildings on campus are in the perfect position to give feedback about how they think the room feels. By using TherMOOstat, you're helping the Energy Conservation Office find areas of energy waste on campus!


What Do We Do with Your Feedback?

We read every TherMOOstat submission, and the feedback you send helps us understand HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems in campus buildings.


You're giving us data we never had before and can't get anywhere else.

investigating olson hall
Our staff makes a trip to Olson Hall to investigate a spike in TherMOOstat submissions. The team found an issue with the HVAC system for a classroom, worked with Facilities HVAC technicians to get it fixed, and feedback went down in May!

As we read each submission, we have two primary goals:

  • To verify your feedback against the building's HVAC system dataoutside air temperatures, and occupancy information to address issues in comfort.
  • To look for energy saving opportunities by aggregating and trending your feedback over longer periods of time.

The actions we take on your feedback depend on a few different factors:

  • the content of your comment
  • the type of room and available HVAC data and
  • the number of people in the room.


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A Note About Work Orders

TherMOOstat was created by the Energy Feedback Team of the Energy Conservation Office (ECO). This office is a part of the Facilities Management Department, the very same department that receives, tracks and addresses work orders on campus. While we work closely together, using TherMOOstat is not the same as submitting a work order.

If you do need to submit a work order, please stop by the Facilities Management website or call (530) 752–1655.