Crowdsourcing to Keep Classrooms Comfortable


Using TherMOOstat to Find Comfort in Your Lecture Hall

We receive an average of 300 TherMOOstat submissions a month. In 2 years of TherMOOstat feedback most of your submissions have been from the classrooms on campus.

45% of the TherMOOstat submissions we receive are from a group of 30 classroom spaces and lecture halls on campus.


Is it possible to find the right temperature for everyone?

Some campus lecture halls seat up to 500 people, which is exactly why TherMOOstat can be the best way to identify the right temperature for the room. We believe there’s no better way to find the answer than to ask the question directly to the people in the room! The thermostat on the wall can tell us the room temperature, but our team thinks it is more important to know how you think the room feels.


Crowdsourcing Classroom Comfort

Crowdsourced comfort is a collection of input from several people in the same room, all used to inform most appropriate temperature. 

Crowdsourcing comfort is particularly important in classrooms and lecture halls which seat anywhere from 15 up to hundreds of students. Before we make changes to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of a room with a lot of people in it, we want to be sure the TherMOOstat feedback we have is representative of everyone in the room. This is why we need your feedback!



What Happens With Your Feedback

Our team reads every comment and verifies each TherMOOstat submission, EVEN THE ONES WHERE YOU'RE SHOUTING AT US IN ALL CAPS. Verifying your feedback means we check it against the building’s HVAC system to make sure the equipment is functioning properly. The changes we make to HVAC systems are based on everyone's input, and the foundation of the idea of crowdsourced comfort.

Jessica Galvan at her desk
Jessica Galvan works as a Data Analyst for the Energy Conservation Office, verifying TherMOOstat submissions and prioritizing issues.

A good representation of how a classroom or lecture hall feels would require feedback from 60- 80% of the room occupants. This high volume of feedback from one room doesn't include an individual submitting feedback repeatedly in a short period of time. We're looking for submissions from a variety of people before we make changes to a classroom or lecture hall.

Read about a lecture hall project our office has planned for room 1001 in Giedt Hall


You can help our team find comfort and energy issues in classrooms on campus

Our goal is to get enough feedback from each classroom throughout the day to address comfort and energy efficiency simultaneously.

We need your feedback to do it! Please use TherMOOstat tell your peers to do the same. We love it when you leave comments saying everyone else is cold, and if possible we'd love to see their feedback too.

Leave us a comment answering questions like these:

  • Is it drafty or stuffy?
  • Is the room full, empty or somewhere in between?
  • Where are you sitting in relation to the vents?

We hope to read your TherMOOstat feedback soon.