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TherMOOstat is a tool for you to tell us where you are on campus and how you think your space feels: hot, warm, perfect, chilly or cold. You can use TherMOOstat for any building on the main campus at any time you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and as often as you'd like. 


You're smarter than a thermostat.

We built TherMOOstat so you can let us know how you think the rooms feel on campus. With the comfort feedback you're sending us, we're crowdsourcing indoor comfort and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute to comfort and energy savings. We say you’re smarter than a thermostat because we know comfort varies from person to person, and room temperature control shouldn’t solely rely on the thermostat on the wall.

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We read every response on TherMOOstat.

Your TherMOOstat comfort feedback helps us better understand how campus buildings are operating. We enjoy reading every comfort vote and every comment you leave for us. 

Your Impact on Campus Comfort

At ECO we're here to find a balance between comfort and energy conservation. We know we need your help to find this balance, which is why your TherMOOstat feedback is so important to us and our work. Just by using TherMOOstat you're helping us save energy on campus. Your impact is reflected in every success story we experience. 

What do we do with your feedback?

Our team looks for issues in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) scheduling, problems with airflow, poorly located thermostats, and assist with some mechanical issues. It's also important to us that you know how your building works and how to use your thermostat. We use your feedback as a way to connect with you and help you understand your building. 

We'd also like to note that we use your TherMOOstat comfort feedback over longer periods of time, looking at years of data to find energy saving opportunities. Scroll down to read the success stories we have about the comfort issues you've helped solve and energy you've helped us save on campus! 

TherMOOstat Success Stories

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Thanks to the thousands of submissions we have received over the years, our team has discovered and resolved heating and cooling issues in many buildings and rooms. We want to share with you our success stories and how you have helped us make the campus become more comfortable and energy efficient. One of our biggest successes is from Olson Hall Room 6.

Olson Hall

Olson Hall is one of the top 3 buildings that receive high volumes of feedback. From January to April in 2015, we received consistent hot and warm votes in Olson Room 6. In late April, our team discovered an airflow issue that is causing the room to feel warmer than usual. The source was the 4 VAV boxes in the room that were not working in sync as they should. We reprogrammed the VAV boxes to coordinate with each other and airflow to the room increased


Olson 6


The resulting May feedback only consisted of two votes. Since surveys indicate that people are more likely to vote when they are uncomfortable, a decrease in votes suggests the room conditions had become more favorable. 


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