Olson Hall

Olson 101

August 2017

One way to be energy efficient is to install occupancy sensors in rooms. Occupancy sensors detect motions in the room and turn on the HVAC or lighting system and when there is no motion, the systems are turned off to conserve energy usage. Classroom schedules fluctuate the most throughout the school year and utilizing occupancy sensors is the most effective way to determine HVAC and lighting usage. 

Olson Hall's primary room usage is as classrooms. A professor in Room 101 reported that the room temperature had become too warm and uncomfortable. 


"I'm the instructor for a Summer Session ll course that started today (8/7) and the thermostat was set at 78F. As the class went on the temp rose to 82! Please set the thermostat at 74F."


occ sensor

Thanks to his comment, we discovered the occupancy sensor was broken, which prevented any form of detection that could signal the HVAC system to increase airflow. We manually changed the set point to 74°F while a work order was in progress to fix the occupancy sensor.