Haring Hall

Haring Hall

May 2016

TherMOOstat feedback from the students in the classroom in Haring 1227 helped us discover an issue with the heat pump, which is responsible for heating and cooling the room Since work orders are difficult for students to submit, we started on on their behalf to fix the issue.

"It’s so hot :( Help us please"

"It’s always too warm in here for this 2-4 lecture on Tuesday and Thursday."


The Order of Events:

  • In May there was a surge of TherMOOstat feedback from students in the class. In one day, we received 3 warm votes and 10 hot votes!
  • As we were investigating, we receive another 2 warm votes and 6 hot votes. 
  • We found the source of the issue, which was the heat pump on the roof. The heat pump is responsible for heating and cooling the room.
  • After submitting a work order on behalf of the students, a Facilities HVAC technician went out to the room and found that the heat pump was low on refrigerant, which caused an issue in cooling.
  • This was an issue we wouldn't have found without the students submitting feedback on TherMOOstat!