Kerr Hall


August - September 2016

Kerr Hall received its namesake in 1975 when the building was dedicated to former University President Clark Kerr. The building now houses various departments under the College of Letters and Sciences. The building layout consists of mainly office spaces with a few research labs dispersed throughout the building. Since the building's majority use is office spaces, the building does not require any special types of airflow. 


Something seems off...

We received three comments in one hour on September 30th, 2016 for Kerr Room 293. The comments unanimously suggest the room has little airflow and the temperature was too hot. Over the course of two months, our team monitored the feedback for Room 293 to understand the temperature trend and search for potential causes for the discomfort. 



It turns out, the room temperature was recorded at 80°F while the set point on the thermostat was 73°F! 


Feedback from room 293 that tipped us off to a comfort issue:


August 2nd: 2 hot and 1 warm


"There is literally no moving air in this room, and the thermostat is set at the lowest temperature! I'm guessing it's 85 to 90 degrees in here."


On the 5th of August, we noted that the room shows warmer temperatures, but they are still within the temperature deadband*.

September 30th: 7 hot!


"I have a class in Kerr 293. It is outrageously hot and uncomfortable, especially because the windows do not open."


It turns out that the fan for the individual room was not switched on, so the air wasn’t getting blown into the room. Since Davis summers can get quite hot, little to no ventilation can cause the room to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. 

Our team member attempted to turn the switch on manually, but with no luck. We submitted a work order to rewire the fan to resolve the issue. 


*Deadband is a temperature range that we expect the room to be in with a given set point.