Keeping Our Campus Clean

Custodial Upkeep at the Academic Surge Building

Custodial Team Members

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with custodial supervisor Shafeena Ali about the completion of a floor maintenance project at Academic Surge. Shafeena manages a team of 12 custodial employees, who split up into two teams of six to complete this project. 

The custodial team completes floor maintenance regularly and the second floor of Academic Surge was on the project list because it was overdue for a deep cleaning. Shafeena sat down with us to share the technical aspects of this project and her team’s fantastic teamwork throughout. 

To start this maintenance, the custodial team first uses a machine to scrub the floor and a wet vac to pick up any residue. Team members that are not using either machine are tasked with scrubbing the hard-to-reach corners the machines can’t get to. They then utilize a special floor care product to treat the flooring. After that, a final mop is done and, after an hour or two of drying time, the floor is waxed. Waxing must be done three times, with an hour and a half of drying time in between. Because of the size of the Academic Surge building, mopping and waxing had to be done in many small sections. 

Shafeena remarked that her team members were great at communicating with each other when they had completed a task. Since many parts of this project required drying time before the next step could be completed, one team had to let the other know what time they finished so that they could come in when the floor had completely dried. Shafeena says her team’s great communication skills allowed the project to move forward quickly and efficiently. The entire project was estimated to take about three weeks to complete, but because of their efficient communication, the team was able to finish the project in a week and a half! Shafeena also noted that Academic Surge staff were very helpful and accommodating, which also helped the project move more smoothly. 

Shafeena said this should keep the floor in good shape for about three years, but that custodial staff will do regular surface cleanings until then. The team uses a floor product called Restore to bring up the floor’s shine without having to do another deep clean. 

Over the summer, our custodial team works hard to ensure that buildings are up to standard before students return for fall quarter. One of Facilities Management’s top priorities is making sure that the campus work environment is clean and comfortable for students and faculty. This project is just one of many that was completed around campus this past summer! 

Thank you to Shafeena and her team for sharing this project with us and for working together to improve our campus environment. We are so thankful for the custodial team’s hard work to keep our campus looking great!

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