Gallagher Hall

Gallagher Hall

January 31, 2017

Gallagher Hall is home to the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Room 1213 is the largest classroom in Gallagher, which is often in use from early morning to late night. 

Gallagher 1213


On January 31, our team received multiple feedback that had a wide range of comfort levels. 

The fluctuation raised some questions for our team. How could some people feel hot while some are feeling cold? Something doesn't look quite right. Our team to look into potential issues with the HVAC system or the air handler.

Gallagher feedback


Turns out, the air handler malfunctioned and was putting out inconsistent air flow into the room. For some occupants, they felt hot in certain areas of the room while others felt cold in another area. Once the issue was identified, a work order was put in the next day to resolve the problem.