Utilities, Data & Engineering

Dedicated to overseeing campus-wide utility purchasing, generation, and distribution. 

The Utilities & Data Engineering team is dedicated to analyzing energy data in order to inform campus energy planning and oversee campus-wide utility purchasing, generation, and distribution. 

The team of data analysts, engineers, and programmers:

  • provides engineering support on utility systems
  • manages energy planning and procurement
  • manages campus energy and water reporting
  • maintains utility data and billing systems 
  • supports metering efforts
  • participates in UC-wide sustainability and alternative energy initiatives
  • manages data science/engineering projects


See a description of current campus renewable energy procurement put together with our colleagues in the sustainability office at renewable.ucdavis.edu.

Our group integrated our meter equipment inventory with our GIS system. Please contact dtrombly@ucdavis.edu if you would like access!