Utilities Data & Engineering

Advancing the University mission through exceptional data, engineering, and business support for our utilities systems.

team photo

The Data & Engineering team is dedicated to supporting the operations and growth of the utilities systems, including power, lights, water, gas, central heating and cooling, solid waste, wastewater, and stormwater.

The team of data analysts, engineers, and web developers: 

  • Gathers, maintains, and analyzes utilities data
  • Informs campus planning, research, efficiency, and regulatory compliance efforts
  • Advises on utilities purchasing strategy, including cost projections and reporting
  • Manages purchased utilities accounts
  • Processes utilities recharges
  • Plans, implements, and supports UC-wide sustainability initiatives
  • Manages engineering projects to optimize and plan for growth

Utilities HeadquartersUtilities Headquarters (map)

We are located in the Utilities Headquarters building at the southeast corner of the La Rue Road and Garrod intersection. Day-use parking permits can be purchased at the adjacent Visitor Parking Lot 49 and can be used at any C lot.