Student Involvement


We can reach innovative solutions when we work together.


electric bikeWe have a wonderful and talented team at the Energy Conservation Office who enjoy working with students. Many of our energy projects offer internship or volunteering opportunities to students from various backgrounds who are looking for hands-on experience in the energy engineering field.


Fall 2018 Internship


This Fall, we want to work with students to provide project-based learning opportunities that align with the Big Ideas Initiatives: Leading the Way to Climate Neutrality Initiative.

We are offering unpaid internships at the moment but will work with students to attain course credits towards their majors. We will teach skills in content strategy, design, energy engineering, project management, and data analysis & visualization. You'll also gain the opportunity to learn about energy use on campus and see behind the scenes tours of campus.


To Apply

If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter to with the subject line: Fall Internship.

The two Fall Internships are:

  • Developing Energy Use Targets
  • A campaign for Perfect Feedback


Developing Energy Use Targets  - positions have been filled for Fall Quarter

We are looking for one-two Environmental Science students who will learn about how a campus of 1200+ buildings uses energy and how our office looks for potential energy savings. One learning tool will be the Campus Energy Education Dashboard, a website created by ECO. The dashboard shows building energy use using the metric Energy Use Intensity (annual energy use/square footage of a building). 


ceed building targets

Students will work to create EUI targets that can scale to all UC Davis buildings.


The student(s) will then take on their own project of creating target Energy Use Intensity that is scalable to all UC Davis buildings. Ultimately, we’d like to show these target Energy Use Intensities on our dashboard. 



A Campaign for Perfect Feedback - positions have been filled for Fall Quarter

One-two students will learn about how the Energy Conservation Office is using a custom crowdsourced comfort tool called TherMOOstat to bring students into the conversation of indoor comfort (typically only staff members can submit work orders for comfort complaints). The project is oriented towards, but not exclusive to, Communication students. 

perfect selected
TherMOOstat allows anyone on campus to leave feedback about how their room feels. 

The students will learn about the different facets of indoor comfort and how we strive to achieve energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Our idea is for students to take on their own project, developing a campaign to communicate the importance of “perfect” comfort feedback. ECO receives a lot of hot and cold comfort feedback via TherMOOstat, and this helps us draft initiatives to increase energy efficiency on campus. However, perfect comfort feedback is just as useful because it lets us know when we’ve struck the balance between energy efficiency and comfort. 


important perfect feedback
Our comfort database rarely receives Perfect submissions, but this feedback is just as useful as the hot and cold ones!