Student Involvement

Student Involvement


iAMSTEM Freshmen Seminar FRS 003 Building Energy Conservation 

Freshmen students were introduced to concepts of building conservation and engaged in project-based learning activities to understand the patterns of energy consumption of students living in the dorms. Students there were then asked to complete a research project where they were provided energy data from their dorm and were instructed to work in groups of 3-4 students to analyze the data, identify patterns of energy consumption and come up with ways to conceptualize these patterns to engage peer students in conservation efforts.

Additional Courses

  • ESP 167 is an overview of our energy resources, energy demands, and environmental impacts. This course is offered every other year.
  • A Path to Zero Net Energy is a course where students study what zero net energy is, what it takes to get a building to perform at zero net energy, and participate group projects with actual clients.


Mechanical Engineering Systems Design Project - HVAC Equipment Transport

ECO recently partnered with the Mechanical Engineering Systems Design Project class on the creation of a transport system that will attach to their fleet of bikes. The ECO staff had been looking for a device or a way to attach the ladder to their bikes to provide the office with nimble, sustainable transportation to get their ladder and equipment around on campus. Most devices ECO found through vendors either couldn't transport both the ladder and equipment, weren't steady during transport, or didn't provide a good turning radius. ECO provided the student team their requirements and two options. Safety of the operators and the surroundings, ease of use, utility of the device, turning radius, cost and simplicity of construction were considered. 

The students were provided with hands-on experience working with a client from the design through the delivery of the project. The students also earned attention from UCD staff and local vendors during the Senior Design Showcase, where a variety of classes' senior projects were presented.

The project exceeded ECO's expectations and ECO has been showing them off across the campus. Feel free to stop by ECO to test it out or wave at them as they bike by.

Sustainability Showcase

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (ESS) hosts an ongoing exhibit about campus sustainability in the Memorial Union (MU) featuring campus groups and departments that can demonstrate aspects of sustainable living that are applicable and engaging to everyone on campus. In January of 2014, Facilities Management was given the opportunity to show the campus some of the sustainable practices we have adopted. ECO staff, along with students designed what was lauded as "the best showcase we have seen."

This showcase highlighted the lower impact chemicals now being used by Custodial to clean the buildings, the Davis-Berkeley Shuttle and UC Drive programs from Fleet, the use of zero-VOC interior paint being used by FM Building Maintenance, and the ECO Campus Energy challenges and websites.

Sustainable Resource Operations

In 2014, the Facilities Management: Energy Conservation Office and Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, along with the student staff working in these offices, came up with the idea of a student group that would work directly with sustainability related staff across campus. From this idea, the Sustainable Resource Operations (SRO) student group was formed. SRO connects students with campus staff for access to staff-guided, hands-on experience with sustainability projects and educational opportunities, while also providing student support for sustainable ideas that can make the campus better.

Student and Staff Collaboration at UC Davis 

ECO, along with staff from Facilities Management Administration and Utilities, created and starred in a video to promote student and staff collaboration on campus through sustainable projects. This video also promotes the Sustainable Resource Operations (SRO) student group. SRO is a collaborative group of students from different classes and UC Davis Staff from our office, Waster Reduction and Recycling office, and Green Workplace Conservation Office, and Waste Reduction and Green Workplace offices from Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability department. AggieTV, a student-ran producing group, provided filming and editing services.