Jessica Contreras

Jessica Contreras

Position Title
UX/Visual Designer

Energy Feedback



Jessica, a Davis native, completed her Bachelor's in Graphic Design, along with an Associate's in Graphic Communications at Sacramento State University in 2014. She was interested in working with UX (user experience) design at the same time the Energy Conservation Office was looking to establish an online presence. This perfect match was part of ECO's beginning. 

Jessica developed an appreciation for energy conservation when she began exploring the undefined territory that surrounded the Campus Energy Education Dashboard project. She gained a new perspective on the fundamental level of people that are passionate about optimizing campus efficiency. 


Fondest Memory of Sacramento State University:

Learning from talented mentors.


Favorite thing about UC Davis:

I get to meet bright and talented people from all over the world who come here to study.


Favorite place in Davis:

The fields out by West Village have a great path for runners!



Jessica's Top Strengths

  1. Intellection
  2. Belief
  3. Context
  4. Deliberative
  5. Connectedness