Hiroko Masuda

Hiroko Masuda

Position Title
Energy Project Engineer

Energy & Engineering


Favorite part about working at ECO:

I really like that the office is always working hard to be innovative in energy efficiency.



Originally from Japan, Hiroko attended the University of Tokyo and graduated with a Bachelor's and Master's in Engineering with a focus in Japanese architectural history.

While working on retrofit projects for HVAC systems in commercial buildings Hiroko realized she needed more specialized knowledge to tackle the energy related problems she was seeing. To further her education, she chose Texas A&M University to study Mechanical Engineering. This program has the Energy Systems Laboratory that is famous for the creation of a process called Continuous Commissioning®; a method to optimize commercial building operations for energy efficiency and comfort. During her 11 years at the Energy Systems Laboratory, she worked on energy data analyses, retro-commissioning projects, measurement and verification of energy savings, and graduated with a Master's of Engineering and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Hiroko officially joined the Energy & Controls team in January 2018.


What does an Energy Engineer do?

Hiroko works closely with Sam Cole, another Energy Project Engineer, to improve energy inefficiencies in on-campus buildings. Her projects work with the controls group to reprogram, modify, or upgrade buildings and equipment to save energy. 


Favorite thing about Davis?

I really enjoy Davis's beautiful gardens and nature.