Alex Malm

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Position Title
Green Building Supervisor

Energy Feedback



Alex is a UC Davis Alum with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a minor in Spanish. As an undergrad, she became interested in sustainability – particularly in climate change, transportation policy and green buildings. Alex worked at the Department of Energy for 4 years after graduating but returned to UC Davis for an MBA in technology management and sustainability. Prior to ECO, she also worked for Intel Corporation in Operations Finance.

UC Davis's focus on the green aspect in engineering spaces to improve sustainability draws many to the academic institution, but she notices that it is human behavior that ties to the negative impacts on the environment. This inspires Alex to want to leave an impact on the environment at UC Davis with her academic and career pursuits. 


Favorite UC Davis Traditions:

Picnic Day!

"There's something for everyone."


Favorite Thing About ECO:

Alex's favorite thing about ECO is that the impacts of our projects are visible and teams can create various projects based on a particular chosen interest or focus. 


Fun Fact About Alex:

"I have run 20 half marathons 2 full marathons in Sacramento, Monterey, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Honolulu, to name a few!”