Our Projects

Interactive SItes:

  • Energy and Water Challenge
  • CEED
  • TherMOOstat
  • Trim the Waste

Building Optimization:

  • Scheduling optimization: We work to better match the hours of operation of non-critical HVAC systems with actual occupancy patterns of each building (labs and animal spaces are required to be ventilated and conditioned 24/7 and are never on a schedule).
  • Holiday shutdowns: During holiday weekends, many spaces are unoccupied and do not need to be conditioned. Scheduling off non-critical HVAC systems for these weekends requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but yields significant energy savings.
  • Comfort band implementations: We are helping implement more uniform temperature setpoints across campus to improve comfort and better adapt to changes in seasons and attire.
  • Small Workspace Air & Remote Monitoring (SWARM) project: This project aims to connect the myriad of small buildings on campus to a centralized system for HVAC scheduling and energy monitoring.
  • Project Night Owl: What goes on in buildings at night? Usually not much, yet energy usage often stays high at night. We are working on ways to address that.
  • BigFix Power Save Mode


  • Water Dashboard
  • Energy and Water Challenge