Tupper Hall


February 2016

Sometimes a singular thermostat controls a range of spaces in order to service larger buildings' heating and cooling more efficiently. However, some thermostat placements may not always be in the best places. 

Starting at the end of November 2015, the Energy Feedback Team began to receive cold and chilly votes from Tupper. The votes prompted our team to look into what issues may be causing the TherMOOstat users to experience discomfort. For this area in Tupper Hall, one of the thermostats in the hallway was controlling the heating and cooling for seven offices. Hallways require a greater volume of air to cool, and it caused this particular Tupper thermostat to work hard to cool the space it is reading. However, the airflow was going into the seven offices along the hallway rather than just the hallway and overcooling those spaces. As a result, the office occupants were experiencing cold and discomfort.


Our team conducted a site visit to determine the best spot for a new thermostat.




We submitted a work order on our TherMOOstat user's behalf to change the location of the thermostat to an office space. Fortunately for our avid TherMOOstat user, her office was deemed the most suitable location for a new thermostat!