Math Sciences Building

Math Sciences Building

May - June 2016

There are several reasons why temperatures can fluctuate and affect comfort. When our team receives feedback, we investigate to determine if there is anything we can do to improve the occupants' comfort. 


Room 3117

In this particular case, we receive a comment from Room 3117 in the Math Sciences Building. We were able to determine that the occupant was able to control their temperature setting on the thermostat in the room; however, the occupant still thought the room was chronically cold. 

Our team conducted a site visit to the office and discovered that the thermostat was hidden directly behind a computer monitor! The warm air from the monitor was tricking the thermostat into thinking the room was warmer than it actually was, so the thermostat was trying to cool the room constantly. 




Sometimes the fix can be complicated and can take a while, other times it can be as simple as changing a monitor's location. Thanks to this occupant's feedback, we were able to quickly improve their comfort. 

We love to hear your feedback

TherMOOstat is a great way for you to let us know how you feel. We work to improve your comfort and love to hear from you. We created a simple guide that shows you how to save TherMOOstat to your home screen. You can report how you feel anytime, anywhere on campus!

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