King Hall

Law School

September - October 2015

The UC Davis School of Law resides within King Hall. King Hall Room 1001 is a large classroom that is structured similarly to a courtroom. In September 2015, we receive 1 chilly and 12 cold votes. The following month we receive another 12 cold votes. The consistent cold votes suggested there may be an issue with the cooling controls to this room. We discovered two issues that caused the uncomfortably cold temperature. 


First, two VAV* boxes for this particular room were not working properly and the thermostat controls were disabled. One of the VAV boxes was set to cool the room, while the other was set to heat the room. The disconnect between the two VAV boxes caused the system to resort to just cooling without any heating to bring the temperature up to a more comfortable level. To resolve this issue, we reset the VAV boxes so they would communicate with each other rather than competing against one another. 


The temperature in King Hall is absolutely ridiculous. It never needs to be 68 degrees.


This TherMOOstat user was on to something! The second issue we found was from an old work order that disabled the thermostat. The room's cooling setpoint was too low so we adjusted the programming in the system to allow manual adjustment of the physical thermostat. We went to the classroom and manually changed the set point to 70°F.



We received only two votes in November and none in DecemKing Hall closeupber. Since surveys indicate that people vote when they are uncomfortable, a decrease in votes indicates the room conditions were more favorable.  

*VAV Box

Variable Air Volume Boxes control amount of airflow that is entering a room.