Introducing Keewi

keewi cover

What is Keewi?

Last month, Joules shared the word of the month: vampire load, and how it affects energy conservation. We learned that energy is often wasted through standby power from multiple electronics left plugged in. A common place for plug loads to accumulate is an office. Most people don't unplug everything at the end of the day simply because it would too much of a hassle to replug everything again the next day. To help you fight vampire loads in your office, we suggested unplugging as much as possible or investing in a smart power strip. But what if there is a better way to save energy?

This is where Keewi comes in. Keewi is an energy management tool that helps monitor energy use while eliminating wasteful standby energy. Through the implementation of smart plugs and outlets, Keewi can:

  • gather real-time energy usage, 
  • analyze insight into demands,
  • and provide solutions for improvement.


How does it work?

Keewi works in four simple steps.


  • First, Keewi plugs and outlets are installed in a workspace.
  • Energy usage and baseline data are collected for assessment.
  • Once a trend has been established for that particular workspace, automatic scheduling can be created to automatically turn on or off a workstation. Keewi smart plugs and outlets can then adapt to consumer behavior to improve energy efficiency.
  • Lastly, Keewi continues to monitor results and refine for improvement.
In the Rifle Range, we have Keewi smart plugs installed at the computer workstations.


Keewi and the Energy Conservation Office

The Energy Conservation Office is consistently looking for ways to save energy in the most efficient way possible. Keewi has installed smart plugs at various computer workstations to monitor and control energy usage for efficiency. Throughout the next year, we will be sharing blog posts on Keewi updates, leaderboard highlights, and results.

With or without smart plugs, there are many ways you can help conserve energy in your space by improving your daily habits. 

Quick, simple things tasks such as: 

  • installing an energy efficient power strip
  • unplugging all devices at the end of the day

By incorporating the above, everyone could start small and begin their part in energy conservation!