Human Resources

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November 2015


"Great googly moogly - I can only take so many clothes off and my office is a boiler. What am I supposed to do...just askin'. 
Even my colleagues say my office is super hot and they are cold running folks. The last person in here said it was the hottest place he had ever been and was glad to leave!!!"

This comment from an enthusiastic TherMOOstat user prompted our team to take a deeper look into the thermostat setting for this office. We discovered a row of offices in the Human Resources building had poor temperature control.


Energy Manager Joshua Morejohn adjust the grills on the vent.
Energy Manager Joshua Morejohn adjusts the grills on the vents.













Site Visit

Turns out, the air vents in the offices were causing an imbalance in air flow into the rooms. Some rooms were oversupplied

with air while others had restricted flow. We manually adjusted the vents and communicated with the occupants to fix the issue. After our site visit, we left data loggers in the room to confirm a change in temperatures.


TherMOOstat feedback after the site visit:

"I think opening the vents in my office helped. I had always been told to keep them closed but it may have made the problem worse."