Academic Surge

Surge Hallway

April 28, 2017

Room 2355 was originally classified as a research lab/studio, which typically requires special HVAC setting depending on its classification purpose. The room is actually being used as a computer lab or server room and hosts several servers and computer for research use. The room's measured temperature was at 80°F, which was a bit high. Since the room itself does not have any other form of air circulation, the occupant felt like the room was too hot. 

Surge 2355


"We have multiple computers in the room. When nobody is here the room gets very hot and causes hardware failure in the computers."

The lack of air circulation combined with a high temperature in the room raised a concern that the warmth could cause hardware failures. Since the equipment is expensive, we worked with the occupants to take precautions by lowering the heating and cooling setpoints.