Awards & Publications


Smart Energy Analytics Campaign: Recognition for Innovation in the use of Energy Management Information Systems

University of California, Davis, received national recognition from the U.S. Department of Energy, acknowledging their innovative work to save energy through the use of EMIS. UC Davis developed two user-friendly energy information system dashboards to raise awareness and collect occupant feedback across their campus.

Honorable Mention: UC Davis, A Homegrown App for Crowdsourcing Energy & Comfort Data Across Campus

This project was recognized for its innovative approach to tackling energy waste and thermal comfort across a campus of over one thousand buildings. By crowdsourcing perceived room comfort using a simple phone app (TherMOOstat), facilities staff were better able to determine the efficiency of heating and ventilation services across campus and pinpoint potential opportunities for savings and improvement. The phone app has received 15,000 user responses since its launch in 2014 and provided staff with a valuable tool by which to respond to student comfort needs and better educate the campus on how buildings operate.