Energy Feedback Team


Working with you to save energy and improve comfort in UC Davis buildings.

Energy feedback is all about providing the data and tools to empower students and staff to save energy and improve comfort on campus. 

Our vision is for students, staff and faculty to play an active role in energy conservation projects. We believe the first step to saving energy is seeing how much you use. To share our data and tools with the campus community, we also develop engagement programs that make learning about energy and comfort fun. 

How much energy do buildings use and how can you save energy on campus? 

  • The Campus Energy Education Dashboard, or CEED for short, is a visual way to explore how much energy campus buildings are using. On CEED, you can see what heats and cools your building and how energy use varies based on building type, and you can also help find energy waste in your building. 
  • You can engage with CEED on your own, or try our curated experience: Trim the Waste is a program designed to give participants a solid understanding of how the campus uses energy, so you can go on to find energy waste in their own buildings. Your findings will help inform our office’s energy projects.  

Contribute to something bigger and help us find energy trends in campus buildings.

  • We want to crowdsource indoor comfort, allowing everyone to participate in the discussion. We built TherMOOstat for you to let the Energy Conservation Office know how you think the room feels. We say you’re smarter than a thermostat because we know perceptions of comfort vary from person to person, and room temperature control shouldn’t solely rely on a thermostat on the wall.
  • Coming Soon: We know the energy used to heat and cool a space can seem intangible. To connect the dots between this energy use and your comfort, we’re developing a program called Your Comfort Footprint. 

Our Collaborations

The Energy Feedback Team is a part of the Facilities Management department, but we also work with other campus departments.

  • We collaborate with the Utilities Department to create the Water Dashboard, an interface to display the campus’s water use.
  • We coordinate with Student Housing to put on an Energy & Water Challenge in the residence halls.
  • We work with UC Davis students in ESP167: Energy Policy and A Path to Zero Net Energy during spring quarters.