Daniel Colvin

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Position Title
Data Analyst

Energy & Engineering
Utilities Data & Engineering


Favorite UC Davis Tradition:

"The bike culture is by far the best thing!"



Dan completed his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science here at UC Davis in 2014. While he was interning for a group funded by PG&E during his Junior year, he learned that the Energy Conservation Office had just been established on campus. He was intrigued by the work, challenges, and growth opportunities of this new office. Dan joined the ECO team as an intern during his Senior year.

His interest in energy conservation sparked when he made a connection between his passion for environmental science and the practicality of ECO’s work. The first project Dan worked on led him to discover a water leak in Segundo Regan, which strengthened his enthusiasm for energy conservation projects on campus. His work at ECO eventually motivated him to obtain a Master's in Data Science, which he completed in March 2018. Upon graduating as a Data Analyst, Dan chose to join the ECO staff full time. 

Favorite Class at UC Davis:

Mushroom, Mold & Society

"It was more practical and entertaining than expected."


Most Memorable ECO moment:

One of Dan’s favorite ECO moments was joining the TGFS volleyball league during his first year here. 


Dan's Top Strengths

  1. Positivity
  2. Arranger
  3. Includer
  4. Maximizer
  5. Responsibility