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Trim the Waste 

Energy Champ


The Trim the Waste Program is designed to educate the participants on energy use at UC Davis and inform ways for the participants to find energy waste in their own buildings. Joules the Cow guides you through the 5-step program so that you can help make a difference on your campus!



TherMOOstat is a crowdsource feedback tool for campus occupants to let us know how they feel in their space. The comfort feedback provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute to comfort and energy savings campus-wide. We say you’re smarter than a thermostat because we know comfort varies from person to person, and room temperature control should not solely rely on the thermostat on the wall.


Our team looks for issues in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) scheduling, problems with airflow, poorly located thermostats, and mechanical issues based on TherMOOstat feedback. We use your feedback as a way to connect with you and help you understand your building. Comfort feedback also helps provide data trends for analysis for energy-saving opportunities.