What Your Comments are Telling Us

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The TherMOOstat comments you leave with your hot or cold feedback give context to how you think the room feels.

A "cold" TherMOOstat submission is useful to us, but it becomes actionable when accompanied with a comment like, “Feeling an excessive draft in here.” Your comments guide our investigation and sometimes even give us a head start.

We read each of your comments; one of our favorites includes the hashtag #hotasbeyinlemonade.


Which recurring words do we see and what to they tell us?

We’re receiving more comments accompanying your feedback each year, and we love reading them all. On average, we receive 400 comfort votes a month, and about 110 of your comfort votes have comments written with them. With all of these comments we see a lot of recurring words, and when we see these keywords regularly in a short time period we have a list of possible causes to investigate.


hot and cold



both causes



If we find a room is being over-cooled or the airflow is inappropriate for the room, we can optimize the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to address the issue. However, not every issue can be fixed this way. Some comfort issues are variations in personal temperature preferences and others are more complicated technical issues.


How do you write an actionable comment?

There are a few keywords which are more actionable for our team as we read and examine your feedback. Actionable comments give us a head start on our investigation because they give us a clue as to what the issue might be. For example, the word “stuffy” in a comment let’s us know there could be an airflow issue.




What kind of feedback have you submitted lately?

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