TherMOOstat FAQs



Why do the questions change sometimes?

In the process of verifying your feedback we discover questions that aren't used or areas where we could use a little more information to investigate your feedback. To maximize your TherMOOstat feedback, we edit the questions every year or so we're getting the high quality feedback we need to address energy and comfort issues on campus. 


Where did the tile on MyUCDavis go?

The tile on MyUCDavis has been revamped as a link to the TherMOOstat website. This change was made because we’ve made updates to the TherMOOstat site to augment your experience. We also added a few questions to TherMOOstat to help us analyze your feedback and we want to give everyone the chance to answer them. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this change, please send us an email.


Why should I submit “perfect” feedback to TherMOOstat?

Your ‘perfect’ feedback will help us just as much as your ‘cold’ feedback. We like to see what’s happening in the room when it feels perfect and compare this data to when it feels cold or hot.

We also want to see how your feedback changes over time. Since we do make changes when your feedback indicates an issue, we like to see if these changes were effective and your perfect feedback is one indicator that things are feeling better in your room.


Can I use TherMOOstat if I’m off campus?

Feedback from the main UC Davis campus is the most actionable for our team, because we can likely access the building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) data to verify your feedback. If your building isn’t on the main campus, you can still use TherMOOstat and ask if we are able to address your feedback.

If you’re not a UC Davis affiliate we cannot verify or address your TherMOOstat feedback. However, we still want you to be able to check out TherMOOstat, so we’ve created a demo for you to try.

You can access the demo from the TherMOOstat app by clicking “Continue as a guest”. Please note we do not store data from the demo version, so only use it for a test drive.


What’s the difference between TherMOOstat and a work order?

TherMOOstat is a way for you to let the Energy Conservation Office (ECO) know how your room feels. We’re crowdsourcing comfort data to find long-term comfort and energy trends on campus. Your feedback may also help inform potential projects and/or repairs needed in buildings on campus.

In contrast, a work order is a service request for your room, and is best for issues requiring more immediate attention.

Visit the Facilities Management home site to get started submitting a work order.

TherMOOstat was created by the Energy Feedback Team of the ECO. This office is a part of the Facilities Management Department, the very same department that receives, tracks and addresses work orders on campus. While we work closely together, using TherMOOstat is not the same as submitting a work order.


What do I do if my building isn’t on the drop-down list?

Drop us a line and let us know. TherMOOstat is set up for you to find any building on campus, whether you know a building’s official name or an abbreviated version. If we missed your building we need to add it right away!

If you have a question that wasn’t answered in our FAQ let us know and we’d be more than happy to answer it for you.