$13,555 Saved Over Cesar Chavez Weekend!

Mrak Hall in the Evening

Last year Facilities Management piloted new building shutdowns over the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays. The savings realized from these shutdowns encouraged our team to apply similar measures to other holidays, like the 3-day weekend for Cesar Chavez Day in March 2017. 

First we came up with a list of 50 buildings to include in the shutdown. This shutdown list even included our very own Rifle Range building (home of the Energy Conservation Office)! 

The new schedule took effect when students were out on Spring Break and the staff was out for Cesar Chavez weekend. All electric, heating and cooling systems were shut down when the buildings were unoccupied.

With 50 buildings participating, the energy savings totaled 2,893,526 kBtu, which equates to $13,555.




That’s enough energy to drive roundtrip from San Francisco to Cancun 88 times! Or 14,100 Aggies going for a 1-hour bike ride together!


To break it down even further, this effort saved 47,568 kBtus in electric energy, 561,360 kBtus in chilled water energy, and 2,237,029 kBtus in steam energy (resulting in the total 2,893,526 kBtus.)




Want to be a part of the next holiday shutdown?

Our team is diligently working on campus shutdown schedules, but we need your help too! We shut down less than a quarter of the core campus’ total building area this last winter. In the upcoming year we hope to capture more buildings and more holidays in our shut down plans.

By requesting for your space to be shut down during times you know you won’t be in (even on the weekends), we can be even more successful. These requests can be made to your building or space manager, or to Energy Engineer Sam Cole, at secole@ucdavis.edu