level 4 hero

level 4

This is it.

You've made it through Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3! The last level will go over the easiest thing you can do to be a longtime contributor to fighting energy waste.

thanks for helping us

In Level 3, you proved that you don’t have to be an engineer to contribute to campus energy savings. You can check as many times as you want! If you find anything abnormal, let us know at energyfeedback@ucdavis.edu.

Don’t have time to check your building’s data? We understand 100%. and there is something you can do that’s quick, easy and has no wrong answer. Allow us to introduce you to TherMOOstat. 

Does your room feels over-cooled or overheated?




This can be a sign that energy is being wasted! We made TherMOOstat so you can tell us how your room feels

We use your TherMOOstat feedback to find long-term comfort and energy trends on campus. You're helping us better understand HVAC systems in your building. What a win-win!


tell us




More is better when it comes to TherMOOstat feedback. We need as much data as possible to get a good picture of what's actually happening in your building. We hope that you won't just be a one-time champion, but can use this tool to keep making a difference in your building and all over campus!

Anyone can use TherMOOstat to select their comfort and leave comments that help us investigate their feedback. Start making a difference on campus today! Use TherMOOstat.

By leaving your TherMOOstat feedback, you just became an Energy Champion. Now all that's left is for you to claim your shirt!