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You've made it to Level 3!


You've made it through Level 1, and Level 2, and are ready and prepped to investigate a campus building for signs of energy waste. Your findings in this level are valuable, so we'll ask you to send us what you discover when you're finished.


normal energy


In a normal building, electricity use at night and on weekends should drop.


normal graph

This screenshot of Mrak Hall's energy use shows the electricity dropping during the weekend, as well as dipping on a daily basis during the night. 

The closer to zero the better!


When electricity demand remains high over the weekend and/or weeknights, we consider this abnormal. A screenshot like the one below indicates an issue worthy of investigation.


abnormal graph
This screenshot shows the electricity demand in LIfe Sciences remains at a relatively high level, even on weekends and nights.



Now it's time to check out your building’s electricity data.

To find your building's energy data, visit our energy dashboard and find your building on the map. Once you've selected your building, you can access the energy graphs by clicking on the “View Live Data” button.


mrak data


Next, you'll navigate to the DEMAND tab to see your building’s daily electricity demand. You can toggle the types of energy on and off, and compare the data to the outside air temperature as well!

mrak demand


By looking at the energy demand in your building, you should be able to see daily patterns, and perhaps spot some abnormalities.


What are some factors affecting energy use in buildings?

As you explore this energy data, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind.

  • A building’s age
  • How a building is used (laboratory, office, classroom, etc)
  • Recent upgrades and maintenance on mechanical equipment
  • The number of people in a building and their arrival/departure patterns.
  • Outside air temperatures
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning schedules
  • Plug loads in the building


Level 3 Survey

What did you find? Did your building look abnormal, or A-OK?

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You've just made it through 3 levels of the Trim the Waste program!