Keewi: Mobile App Launch


Saving energy just got easier!

The Energy Conservation Office's main focus is in the name - to conserve energy. To show our dedication, we are the subjects of a pilot for Keewi's energy management solution. We shared in a previous blog post what Keewi is all about, but for a quick refresher, Keewi is a company that helps monitor plug load use while helping you eliminate wasteful standby energy. The project began in July 2017, when smart plugs were set up at various workstations. In the past 6 months, Keewi has been collecting baseline data on our energy usage. This February, Keewi launched their app and the Energy Conservation Office is the first to test it out.  



A common misconception about devices is that they aren't using any energy when turned off, even if they are plugged in. Most devices do not completely turn off; the device could be in standby mode while slowly draining energy. One way to reduce this electricity use, or vampire load, is to use smart plugs.  

Keewi's app takes it one step further and seeks to engage people in their plug load use. Most office spaces have many devices plugged in and forgotten about. Sometimes it takes one small habit of unplugging or awareness to save more energy (and money). With their new app, ECO staff can schedule their devices to be off when they leave for the day.  


The Keewi App

The new app has several excellent features for user engagement.

  • Scheduling: users can set unique schedules for each device
  • Remote control: users can turn on or off devices remotely. It comes in handy when you have to leave the office in a hurry and forgot to turn off your desktop!
  • Device assignment: each device is uniquely assigned to a plug for tracking details
  • Usage review: users can review their history of energy consumption, usage breakdown, and how much everyone else in the office is saving!
  • Engagement: Keewi's question of the day helps keep users engaged with energy saving tips and facts!


User Rewards

Users can earn points through actions taken to save energy through the mobile app. Each level of points has a reward to encourage energy savings!

  • Level 1: Moment of Fame
  • Level 2: Peet's Gift Card
  • Level 3: Morphing Trophy
  • Level 4: Hour of Fame
  • Level 5: Amazon Gift Card
  • Level 6: UC Davis Memorabilia
  • Level 7: Compressed Workday!

Level 4 Achievers:


Everyday Energy Savings

It is easy to save energy even without a smart plug or app! Plug loads are often unnoticed because it is not obvious if a device is wasting energy. Being aware of plug loads is the first step in helping conserve energy. At the Energy Conservation Office, the Energy and Controls Team works diligently to improve energy efficiency in buildings on campus. You can help by paying attention to plug loads and contribute by unplugging your devices at the end of the day.