Meet the Team Behind TherMOOstat

John and Jessica
Jessica Galvan and John Coon review TherMOOstat feedback from the whole campus, every day, year-round.

Meet the people behind TherMOOstat

If you've ever used TherMOOstat, you're familiar with the friendly face of Joules the Cow. But behind the scenes of our beloved Joules is a dynamic team reading and investigating all of your TherMOOstat submissions.

This team is made up of UC Davis staff members, dedicated to comfort and energy conservation on campus. They read incoming TherMOOstat submissions, and verify them against buildings’ heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. In busy months, we verify over 300 TherMOOstat submissions! They make changes to optimize HVAC systems based on the trends they see in your collective feedback.


What do we do with your feedback?

We cross references each submission with the building’s HVAC system and verifies the system is functioning properly. Then we analyze your collective feedback looking for long-term trends in comfort and energy efficiency.

The team uses this table to track, organize, and prioritize the TherMOOstat feedback.

With the data from TherMOOstat, we’re trying to pinpoint chronically hot or cold rooms and buildings on campus. In addition to being a major comfort issue, these are spaces where improvements to occupant comfort may coincide with energy savings.

If needed, we leave temperature data loggers in a space to track the room temperature against the thermostat’s readings and gather some additional data points for comparison.


These are some examples of data loggers you may find in your building if we are trying to keep better track of your room's temperatures.


What are some things we've found?

With over two years of looking into your TherMOOstat feedback, we’ve found at lot of poorly located thermostats.

This thermostat was found behind a computer monitor and was getting inaccurately hot readings!

When a thermostat is located next to a heat source, the thermostat will think the room is a different temperature than it actually is and try to cool down the room.

Other issues we’ve corrected are:

  • summer thermostat set points that are still in effect during the winter season,
  • inconsistencies between the room use and the HVAC programming, and
  • helping people locate and learn to use their thermostats.


In Tupper, we found a thermostat controlling 6 offices while being located out in the hallway! With the help of Facilities HVAC technicians and a few tries adjusting the set point, we finally achieved a comfortable temperature in the offices.tupper-graph-min



We want to work with you to keep your space as comfortable as possible.

Our hope is for you to think of energy use and efficiency in your campus space the same as you would in your home. After all, if you spend 8 hours a day in your campus space, we better make them count!

Use  TherMOOstat and leave us a comment answering questions like these:

  • Is it drafty or stuffy?
  • Are other people in the room?
  • How's your room relative to surrounding rooms?
  • Did anything happen recently or suddenly?
  • Do you know where your thermostat is?

We take your comments seriously, because they seriously help our team! Read more:

We hope to read your TherMOOstat feedback soon!