Fall Quarter T-Shirt Raffle in Giedt 1001


The rumors are true: During the Fall 2017 academic quarter, students taking class in Geidt Hall, room 1001 can win an amazing custom designed shirt of TherMOOstat's one and only, Joules the Cow.

 cool shirt

We're raffling off t-shirts because need your TherMOOstat feedback to better understand the HVAC system and tune it to crowdsourced comfort.

How To Enter:

Simply use TherMOOstat to leave us feedback from Geidt Hall, room 1001. We'll randomly select one winner every week of the quarter. We're looking for high quality TherMOOstat feedback, so please note that if you vote more than once per minute, we will count your feedback one time. We're also looking specifically into room 1001 this quarter, so please only submit feedback from that room, and if you have class in room 1001 (no stray feedback please). 



Winners will be contacted via email. Best of luck to all the lucky students with class in Giedt Hall room 1001!