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A Proposal to Improve Comfort and Increase Energy Efficiency

At the Energy Conservation Office, one of our primary goals is to find opportunities to increase energy efficiency and prioritize occupant comfort in campus buildings. One way to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously is by incorporating ceiling fans in large classrooms.

Energy savings can be achieved by reducing the need for cooling as the fan circulates air throughout the room, and/or reducing the need for heating by pushing warm air down to maintain comfortable room temperatures. Comfort is improved with a slow moving fan because a more consistent temperature is created throughout the room, without causing uncomfortable drafts.


Our Proposal

The Energy Conservation Office of Facilities Management proposes to install a large fan in room 1001 of Giedt Hall, with the aim of improving comfort and increasing the energy efficiency of the room's HVAC use. The Energy Conservation Office is currently evaluating the installation of the Essence Fan, and we are seeking feedback about the project from faculty members who have used/will use this lecture hall.

Key Features of Our Proposed Project

  • The fans will be paid for by the Facilities Management Energy Conservation Office.
  • We would like to study the energy efficiency of using a large fan in a classroom setting.
  • We will follow the comfort of the room before and after the fan installation with our thermal comfort app TherMOOstatRead about how TherMOOstat works here.


The Essence Fan is manufactured by a company called Big Ass Fans © (yes, they have an interesting name, but they also make fantastic fans). To learn even more about these fans, read case studies like this one on the Big Ass Fans website.


What Benefits Could You Gain from a Fan?

  • Silent operation for increased air flow
  • Efficient air mixing to prevent stratification of warm and cool air
  • In-depth study of thermal comfort to identify optimal conditions
  • Local control of fan operation

More about the thermal comfort study

We would like to connect TherMOOstat feedback to the operation of this ceiling fan in room 1001 of Giedt Hall. Although you will have on/off control of this fan, the integration with TherMOOstat will allow the students in class to participate in their own thermal comfort. The data will be crowdsourced to account for everyone's participation, including your own if you wish to use TherMOOstat.


About the Essence Fan

Features of the Essence Fan

  • Gearless direct drive motor provides silent operation (<35 dBA)
  • Permanent magnet design reduces power consumption
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces
  • Suitable for ceilings as low as 12 feet
  • 8 ft in diameter, blades measure 4 feet long
  • Quick single day installation



Proposed Location of the Essence Fan


Thank you for reading through our proposal. We hope to receive your feedback on our project!

The Energy Feedback Team