Energy Use Intensity

*On our energy dashboard, CEED, the size of the circle represents the building’s energy use intensity

Learn how to compare buildings in 5 minutes.

Here at the Energy Conservation Office, we like to call ourselves energy nerds. In this post, we’d like to emphasize that you don’t have to be an energy engineer to be an energy nerd. Furthermore, you don’t need to have a technical background to understand the energy data on our energy dashboard


Why do we we use EUI?

An EUI is a great way to compare how buildings are using energy because an annual energy use is divided by the building’s size in square feet. This gives you energy per square foot and levels the playing field, so to speak.


We’ll compare the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) and the Student Community Center (SCC):

If you’re a UC Davis student, you probably work out at the ARC every so often...or at least think about doing so.



The SCC is probably where you spend your time studying or socializing in the lounges and meeting rooms.



First, let’s compare the square footage of the buildings. As you can see, the ARC is almost 3 times as large as the SCC!


To figure out the EUI of each building, we take the annual energy usage (in kBtu) from the building’s energy meters and divide it by the square footage.


Although the ARC is significantly larger than the SCC, their EUI values are surprisingly close!



Curious about your building's EUI? Check out our Campus Energy Education Dashboard for more information. If that doesn't satisfy your appetite for energy knowledge, visit our Trim the Waste program. You can complete the four-step survey to learn how to identify and report energy waste while helping the Energy Conservation Office improve energy efficiency around the campus!