2018 Memorial Day Holiday Shutdown Savings


Memorial Day Weekend 2018

This Memorial Day Weekend Shutdown was another success! The holiday weekend spanned from May 26th - 28th. The Energy Conservation Office shut down 60 buildings, which affected 1.7 million sq.ft of building space. Chilled water, steam, and electricity were turned off in the 60 buildings participating in the shutdown to conserve energy over the long weekend.


Memorial Day Weekend 2018 Savings


There were no measurable steam savings this holiday shutdown. Looking at the weather trend below for the two weeks leading up to Memorial Day weekend, the average temperature had been quite warm. Due to the warmer Spring temperature, there's been a reduced need for heating, which results in a lower in steam usage. 


May Weather Trend
The average temperature leading up to the Memorial Day weekend shows a warm trend. This resulted in a lower demand for steam for warming campus buildings. 


However, we did have big savings in electricity! We saved $7,432, which is equivalent to the cost of leaving 238,205 light bulbs* on for 24 hours!


Electricity saved


*Calculated with a typical 20 Watt LED light bulb output and $0.065/kwh.