$28,000 Saved Over Cesar Chavez Weekend!

June 29, 2017

Last year Facilities Management piloted new building shutdowns over the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays. The savings realized from these shutdowns encouraged our team to applying them to 3-day weekend holidays, like the Cesar Chavez weekend in March. 

First we came up with a list of 50 buildings to include in the shutdown. This shutdown was special because it included our very own Rifle Range (home of the Energy Conservation Office)! 

Ghausi's Energy Report

May 24, 2017
Ghausi Hall got a major tune-up! The Energy & Controls Team finished a 4-year energy upgrade in the lab building, resulting in major savings.

A kBt-what?

September 28, 2016
The answer is that we could show electricity in kW, chilled water in ton-hours and steam in pounds. However, we don’t because we want to show how they all add up to total energy use.