About Us

Memorial Union

The UC Davis Energy & Engineering Office works collaboratively to make buildings operate more efficiently to conserve energy while maintaining the same level of service. We are a team of engineers, developers, creatives, strategists, and students–all around energy enthusiasts–brought together to connect with the campus in terms of energy and develop working relationships with people in campus buildings.


Students have been a large part of who we are

Many of our staff members are UC Davis alumni who return to serve the community that nurtured their passion for energy conservation and efficiency. Our very own Energy Manager, Joshua Morejohn, joined the Utilities department after graduating with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. He was later appointed as the Energy Manager to develop a team that focuses on improving campus energy efficiency and sharing our energy data with the campus. Our campus serves as a living laboratory for research and every team within our office work heavily with students to provide real-world experiences and come to innovative solutions together.


Dan Colvin
Our Data Analyst, Dan Colvin ‘14, began as an intern and later joined the team full-time. His interest in energy conservation sparked when he made a connection between his passion for environmental science and the practicality of ECO’s work.

Maximizing energy efficiency in existing buildings

Our Active Commissioning Enterprise (ACE) Team was created to have in-house engineers who would work on upgrades and fixes on buildings with controls we can adjust. This invited campus support to upgrade existing buildings and provided follow-up evidence that the fixes are beneficial long-term. With our own engineers, we are able to foster stronger customer service relationships and continuous innovation.




Optimizing building controls with people in mind

Justin Lewis
Justin Lewis ‘04 is our Controls Engineer Supervisor. After graduating from UC Davis with Honors in Mechanical Engineering, he focused his career in various system optimization works before returning to UC Davis with his expertise in controls optimization.

With over 1,000 buildings on campus, it can be difficult to manage every building’s controls system. Most controls projects were previously funded through energy projects; however, a need for more ownership over all our buildings’ controls became more apparent. Our Controls Engineers is the first team on campus to manage the controls system, development, and project implementations. Their focus is to provide a bridge in communication between the teams that work to optimize buildings on campus and the people in those buildings.





Kiernan Salmon
Kiernan Salmon ‘14 is our Product Developer. She saw opportunities to increase energy awareness and feedback on campus, which led to the development of TherMOOstat and Trim the Waste.

Educating the campus for better involvement

We believe the first step in saving energy is seeing how much you use. Our Energy Feedback Team provides data and digital tools to empower students and staff to save energy and improve comfort on campus. Many Energy Feedback projects work closely with students to bring innovative ideas to fruition and engage with the campus on a more personal level. These projects also provide any member of our campus’s 52k-plus community with opportunities to help improve building energy efficiency through feedback.





Pursuing a greener campus

Alex Malm
Alex Malm ‘09, M.B.A.‘15 is a two-time UC Davis alumna. She is inspired by her academic and professional experiences to leave a positive impact on the environment at UC Davis.

Named as one of the most sustainable campuses in the world, UC Davis strives to promote green operations in new and existing buildings. UC Davis has over 100 years of history, which means our older, existing buildings need to become current with new energy efficient standards. Our Green Buildings Team investigates existing buildings for green building certifications and collaborate with staff to increase education on sustainability.






David Trombly
David Trombly ‘06 is our Sr. Engineering Supervisor for the Utilities Data & Engineering Team. David returned to UC Davis for the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, students, and operations to help solve major societal problems.

Leading in energy efficiency

UC Davis is using less energy now than twenty years ago despite major growth in campus population and building square footage. Continuous improvement in energy efficiency for such a large campus is no small task. In order to support the operations and growth of the utilities systems and UC-wide sustainability initiatives, our Utilities Data & Engineering Team works collaboratively to analyze utilities data, inform campus planning, and manage engineering projects to optimize and plan for growth.